Evidence base and reports

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Submission documents (Regulation 15) will be listed on a separate page


Document title


National Planning Policy Framework (2012) 869 KB


NNJPU Joint Core Strategy (2016) 5.09 MB


NNJPU Interim Statement on Housing Requirements 439 KB


NNJPU Settlement Hierarchy background paper July 2012 277 KB


Consultant Report on the existing evidence base 4.13 MB


Business Consultation 2015 197 KB


Heritage Audit 2015 1.09 MB


Open Space Audit 2015 984 KB


Services & Facilities Audit 2015 (updated 2016) 321 KB


Housing Policies Options Report 2015 906 KB


Housing Design Audit 2015 3.3MB


Policy Options Report 2015 277KB


Parish Profile 2015 1.54 MB


Brief History of Stanwick 32 KB


Stanwick Parish List 18 KB


East Northants Council Local List 151 KB


Transport Audit 2016  pdf 2.38 MB


School Transport Survey 2016  244 KB


Stanwick Village Plan 2007 826 KB


Stanwick Parish Plan 2013-2018 8.74 MB


North Northamptonshire Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2013 1.73 MB


Housing Mix report 2014 243 KB


Housing Mix report 2016 157 KB


Northamptonshire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LFRMS) 2013 4.65 MB


LFRMS Public Summary 2013 360 KB


NCC Place & Movement Guide 2008 9.41 MB


NCC Local Transport Plan 2.51 MB


NCC Parking Standards 958 KB


NCC Minerals and Waste Local Plan 14.35 MB


Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) 139 KB


Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) 136 KB


Natural England's response to HRA & SEA screening assessment 175 KB


Environment Agency's response HRA & SEA screening assessment 110 KB


Equalities Impact Assessment Screening 73 KB


Steering Group – terms of reference 38 KB


Chelveston Neighbourhood Plan website


Higham Ferrers Neighbourhood Plan website


Raunds Town Council website